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Sale of Poisons
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An Act to regulate the sale of poisons.
[Commencement: 27th June, 1885]
Short title
This Act may be cited as the Sale of Poisons Act.
Persons to which Act applies
The several articles named and described in the First Schedule shall be deemed to be poisons within the meaning of this Act.
The Minister may from time to time by order published in the Official Gazette declare that any article specified in such order shall be deemed to be a poison within the meaning of this Act and, on the expiration of one month from the date of publication of such order in the Official Gazette the article named in the order shall be deemed to be a poison within the meaning of this Act.
Cases to which this Act does not apply
This Act shall not apply to patent medicines or to homoeopathic attenuated medicines or to any medicine supplied by a legally qualified medical practitioner to his patients or to any article when forming part of the ingredients of any medicine dispensed or sold by a chemist or druggist:
Provided that such medicine so supplied, dispensed or sold shall be distinctly labelled with the name and address of the seller.
Sale of poisons
No poison shall be sold by any person, either by wholesale or by retail, unless the box, bottle, vessel, wrapper or cover in which such poison is contained is distinctly labelled with the name of the article and the word “ poison â€, and with the name and address of the seller of the poison.
It shall be unlawful to sell any poison to any person unknown to the seller unless such purchaser is introduced to the seller by some person known to him or presents a written order from a person whose handwriting is known to him.
On every sale of any poison, the seller shall before delivery make or cause to be made an entry in a book to be kept by him for that purpose, stating in the Form set forth in the Second Schedule the date of the sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name and quantity of the article sold and the purpose for which it is stated by the purchaser to be required, to which entry the signature of the purchaser and of the person (if any) who introduced him or on whose order it was delivered shall be affixed.
Failure to comply with provisions relating to sale
Any person selling poison otherwise than in accordance with this Act shall, if summarily convicted thereof before any magistrate on the information of any person whomsoever, be liable to a penalty of twenty-four dollars for the first offence and forty-eight dollars for the second or any subsequent offence.
For the purposes of this Act, the person on whose behalf any sale is made by any apprentice or servant shall be deemed to be the seller.
Sellers of poisons may be called on to produce to coroner books kept by them under this Act
Any coroner may on any investigation being held before him call on any seller of poisons to produce for examination the books kept by him in accordance with this Act.
Any seller of poisons who fails to produce the said books when called on to do so shall be liable to the penalty specified in section 17 of the Coroners Act, Cap. 113.
This section shall not be deemed in anywise to diminish the liability of any person selling poison to be called on to produce before a coroner or any other person such, or any other, books or documents the production of which may now be by law compelled.
Poisons to which this Act applies
Aconite, and its preparations
Amphetamines (β-aminopropylbenzene β-aminoisopropylbenzene)
Arsenic, and its preparations
Belladonna, and its preparations
Barium, salts of
Corrosive Sublimate, and all other poisonous preparations of Mercury
Chloral Hydrate
Croton Oil
Ergot of Rye, and its preparations
Essential Oil of Almonds, unless deprived of its Prussic acid
Metallic mercury and Quicksilver
Nux Vomica, and its preparations
Opium, and all preparations of opium or poppies
Oxalic Acid
Poisonous Glucosides
Prussic Acid
Potassium Cyanide, and all metallic cyanides
Savin, and its oil
Strychnine, and all poisonous vegetable alkaloids and their salts
Tartar Emetic
Tolbutamide and its preparations, including Rastinon, Orinase and Artosin
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Date and address of purchaserName and quantity of poison soldPurpose for which it is requiredSignature of purchaserSignature of person introducing purchaser