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Remission of Penalties
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An Act to amend the law concerning the Remission of Penalties.
Whereas penalties which under penal statutes are made payable to the Crown and to parties other than the Crown cannot be remitted or pardoned by the Crown where no express provision has been made by the statute for that purpose, and it is expedient that the law as to the remission of such penalties should be amended and made uniform.
[Commencement: 23rd August, 1862]
Short title
This Act may be cited as the Remission of Penalties Act.
Remission by the Governor-General of penalties payable to parties other than the Crown
It shall be lawful for the Governor-General to remit in whole or in part any sum of money which under any Act now in force or hereafter to be passed may be imposed as a penalty or forfeiture on a convicted offender, although such money may be in whole or in part payable to the Crown or to some party other than the Crown and to extend the royal mercy to any person who may be imprisoned for non-payment of any sum of money so imposed, although the same may be in whole or in part payable to the Crown or to some party other than the Crown.
Refund of penalties remitted
The Governor-General may, by order on the Accountant-General, direct the refund from the Consolidated Fund of the whole or any part of any penalty paid into the Consolidated Fund, and subsequently remitted by the Governor-General.
Governor-General to act on advice of Privy Council
The Governor-General shall, in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by this Act act in accordance with the advice of the Privy Council.