Consolidated Statutes
Subsidiary Legislation

Employment Exchanges
Amended by:
An Act to provide for the establishment of employment exchanges and for purposes connected therewith.
[Commencement: 28th October, 1955]
Short title
This Act may be cited as the Employment Exchanges Act.
For the purposes of this Act, the expression—
employment exchange means any office or place established under section 3;
Minister means the Minister responsible for Labour.
Power of Minister to establish employment exchanges and to make loans to persons travelling out of Island for work
The Minister may—
establish and maintain, in such places as he thinks fit, employment exchanges, that is to say, offices or places for the collection and furnishing of information, either by the keeping of registers or otherwise, respecting persons who seek to engage employees either in this Island or elsewhere and persons who seek employment;
make grants, or advances by way of loan, out of such funds as may be provided by Parliament, to meet the expenses of persons desiring to travel to places outside of the Island where work is available for them, upon such terms and conditions as he may determine.
The Minister may make regulations for all or any of the following purposes, that is to say—
to regulate the management of employment exchanges;
to prescribe the forms and records to be used or kept by employment exchanges;
generally to give effect to the purposes of this Act.
Any regulations made under this Act shall be subject to negative resolution.
Refusal to accept employment not to prejudice employee
No person shall be disqualified or prejudiced in respect of any facilities provided under this Act on account of his refusal to accept employment found for him through an employment exchange if the ground of his refusal is that a trade dispute which affects his trade exists or that the wages offered are lower than those current in the trade in the district where the employment is found.
Any person who, for the purpose of obtaining employment or procuring employees, knowingly makes any false statement or false representation to an officer of an employment exchange or to any person acting for or for the purposes of such exchange shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of fifty dollars.